Indigenous Literacy Day 2010

September 1, 2010

Today is Indigenous Literacy Day, which is the major fundraising effort of the Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP), a partnership between The Australian Book Industry and The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Our good friend Andy Griffiths, who is an ambassador for the project, was on Life Matters this morning talking to Richard Aedy about the need to improve literacy for children in Indigenous communities (click here to listen). Andy will also be part of a free event as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival today 1.45-2.15pm at BMW Edge (click here for details).

What is the Indigenous Literacy Project?

Working closely with The Australian Booksellers Association and The Australian Publishers Association, The Fred Hollows Foundation purchases and supplies books and other culturally appropriate learning materials to remote communities. Communities select and order reading material from catalogues and sample books provided by The Australian Booksellers Association. The Fred Hollows Foundation staff also identify other literacy needs. The books are then supplied to schools, libraries, early learning centres such as crèches, women’s centres and other identified institutions, to enhance their pool of literacy resources.

What else is happening for Indigenous Literacy Day?

  • Events and fundraisers are held across Australia.
  • Participating publishers donate 5% (or more) of their takings from their invoices on ILD.
  • Participating booksellers donate 5% (or more) of their takings from sales on ILD.
  • Participating schools host The Great Book Swap and other fundraising activities.
  • Participating businesses, clubs and organisations host The Great Book Swap and other fundarising activities.
  • Across Australia people attend ILD events including local Great Book Swaps, purchase books at participating bookshops or organise their own private fundraising literary lunches and morning teas.
  • People everywhere pause to read to support Indigenous literacy.

You can make a donation here.


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