Okay, now GET READING!

August 25, 2010

The Get Reading! 2010 guide is up and there are some great books on the list. We’re very happy to see some Booked Outers on the list:

  • Cate Kennedy The World Beneath
  • John Danalis Riding the Black Cockatoo
  • Rosalie Ham Summer at Mount Hope
  • William Kostakis Loathing Lola
  • James Phelan Chasers
  • Gabrielle Williams Beatle Meets Destiny
  • Simmone Howell Everything Beautiful

Freebies, author events and outdoor reading rooms? This is one government initiative we can get behind.

PS: One of the two free books you get if you buy a book from the list is a fun a short story collection for kids by none other than Mr Morris Gleitzman. Tickled Onions includes four new stories and celebrates the launch of Pocket Money Puffins and 70 years of Puffin. AND it’s exclusive to Get Reading!


One Response to “Okay, now GET READING!”

  1. Great stuff. Get reading everybody.

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